Donna Lynch

Donna Lynch
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Welcome to 7th Grade Writing!  Students will have process and timed writings throughout the year which will be shared and analyzed for content, structure, punctuation, grammar, capitalization, spelling, and word choice. Our goal is to become confident writers and be able to express ourselves fluently and accurately with others.

Contact Information:
979-491-8200 (office)

Schedule of Classes:
Advisory period: 7:40-8:10
1st Period:  8:14-8:59
2nd Period: 9:03-9:48
3rd Period:  9:52-10:45
4th Period:  10:49-11:34
Lunch: 11:34-12:04
Conference: 12:08-12:53 
6th Period:  12:57-1:42  PreAP
7th Period:  1:46-2:31 (Coordinator Conference/DAEP)
8th Period:  2:35-3:20 
Tuesday  3:25-4:00
Thursday 3:25-4:00